Is It A Zeppelin ? No It’s a Flying House

amitrko Aug 24, 2012 0

There is always something special about ‘de-contextualizing’ an everyday object which makes it all the more interesting, such as Flying houses soaring like helium balloons in the sky, as if one is magically transported. Very Steampunk-ish and somehow reminiscent of Zeppelins to a great extent. Laurent Chehere, is a French photographer who held a job in the world of advertising but decided to one day quit his mundane 9-5, and instead decided to go embark upon the road less traveled and traverse around the world with his camera.

Upon his return to France, he had already discovered what he wanted to do with his life: he would live out his two life passions: travelling and photography. Ever since that life altering decision, Laurent has been practicing his craft ( photography ) and draws inspiration from exploring the various cities, suburbs, countries and architecture which he travels to. The following works are some of the photos from his recent project called, “Flying Houses”.










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