Remotely Access Your Files with Techinline Desktop Tool

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Remote desktop tools can serve in many aspects to enhance your business as you don’t need to sit and work at workplace to solve the issues. This can be done by a new advance remote desktop technology which enables you to access your client’s personal computers and helps you to easily maintain or upgrade tasks.

If you are a computer expert who could really do a lot with an efficient remote computer access system, if you are looking out for easy ways to troubleshoot or just access a remote computer, probably you are at right place to solve your all troubleshooting related problems with Techline Remote Desktop.
The software can be used for all and is just not only for the IT professionals. The Remote desktop tool help you connect remotely to any computer or desktop kept at any other location.


The Techinline Remote Support Software is getting popular amongst technology freaks as it is a browser based remote desktop software which does not involves any kind of installation or set up before to use its functions all that you need is a reliable Internet connection and Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers. Techinline also allows connection through proxy server or a firewall. Besides, all this comes with bare minimum need for configurations and settings just that a small plug-ins needs to be added which is of very low sized added to make it compatible with the browser.

Techinline Remote Desktop Features

The remote desktop is very affordable and cheap as compared to others in the market. Techinline remote desktop technology allows you to send and receive unlimited messages and have a real time communication without any extra charge.
techline features

Following are some of the exceptional features of Techinline Remote Desktop Software.

1. Easy customization and integration.
2. Get instant access to any remote desktop located anywhere in the world.
3. Painlessly transfer various files and clipboards between various locally or remotely located computers.
4. Browser based solution.
5. Simple and easy connection process
6. Reboot and Reconnect with the remote computer.

Why Techinline Remote Desktop

There are myriad of exceptional features available in Techinline, which make its use easy for any newbie or professional technology freaks. It allows you to send and transfer files easily as techinline advanced technology offers you secure and reliable connection in which you trust on easily and transfer the important files which is necessary to use as they files are kept in a secure server with limited access to it.

It enables you to easily connect to any computer remotely and with 5 simple steps to the secure connection which is why the techinline – browser based remote desktop software is becoming more popular amongst users.

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