Inanimate Objects In Sexually Compromising Positions

amitrko Jun 18, 2012 0

Most people have never heard of or are familiar with sexual disorders which exist in the greater majority of the so called ” Modern Sexually Liberated Times” we are living in, however : there are as many as 549 ” Paraphilias ” . We can safely presume that as you are reading this, some of you may be scratching your heads or looking for your Thesaurus to look up the word ‘ Paraphilia ‘.

Paraphilia, is a biomedical term used to describe sexual arousal to objects, situations, or individuals that are not part of normative stimulation and that may cause distress or serious problems for the paraphiliac or persons associated with him or her.

It is not known how many different kinds of paraphilias exist; however, there are as many as 549 paraphilias, and Psychologists as well as Sexologists have defined ‘ paraphilia’ as a sexual-erotic embellishment of, or alternative to the official, ideological norm.

But what if this sexual perversity didnt apply to humans copulating with the opposite sex nor the same sex, but rather with inanimate objects between themselves ? How would we be able to classify this condition, and who are the clinicians who are experts in this field ? And WHAT would we categorize this sexual behavior under ? Befuddled at this point ???
Dont fret – we are too !

However, as the old adage goes : It takes all kinds to make the world go round… or … vertical and horizontal for that matter ;)

We came across such ‘paraphilic acts’ of sexual deviation from the norm, and were just as shocked in our discovering that : Not only are actual PEOPLE perverted within their sexual desires or preferences, but much to our chagrin – we discovered that Inanimate Objects also share certain ” Sexual Fetishes ” with OTHER inanimate objects !

Yes readers- you heard it HERE first ! We have found and collected a slew of Inanimate Objects getting their groove on shamelessly and unabashedly. Please warn your underage children to leave the room before you view these acts of lewd sexual deprivation and enjoy your Voyeurism in all its glory !










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