A Mothers Little Helper and Man’s Best Friend

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Is a dog man’s best friend? Well, if the animal’s popularity is anything to go by, perhaps that’s true; according to the American Kennel Club, there are more dogs in the USA than there are people in Britain.

However, the affection in which dogs are held by many these days is a fairly recent development. It is hard to be precise about when the friendship between dogs and man began, but a reasonable guess is that it has been going strong for more than 20,000 years.

The relationship between people and dogs is a unique one. Amongst most of the domesticated animals these days, only dogs are capable of performing such a wide variety of roles for humans such as: herding sheep, sniffing out drugs or explosives and being our beloved companions – even going as far as ‘ watching over children’.

Buddhists believe that on the day that the Bud­dha died, he summoned all animals to his side. Only members of 12 species – dogs among them , reached him before his death. He rewarded those who came with a year of their own, which is why the cat has no sign in the Chinese zodiac.

Although not every dog is necessarily friendly by nature, stories emerge from time to time of a dog becoming separated from his or her family and undertaking an incredible journey toward reunion. Dogs are used in therapy for Alzheimer’s disease and in clinical settings as comfort for the terminally ill. During the mid 20th century we find clear linguistic evidence that a dog was to be considered almost on a par with humanity as- ‘dog-sitter’ .

Dogs are believed to behave in the same way in their dealings with humans. Thus training a dog effectively becomes a contest for dominance in which there can be only one winner. In the scenario below , we can fairly and effectively assess that Dogs can even be trained into performing any human task, even that of ” care-providers ” and ” baby – sitters ” when mothers need a well needed break from their busy schedules, and as one can see – Dogs, can truly be deemed as ” Mothers Little Helpers ” .

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