The Dark Evocative Conceptual Photography of Maxence Dedry

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The medium of Photography has always been about being able to capture and convey the meaning, significance and essence of a moment in time, however, conceptual photography takes this concept to the extreme, via being able to capture a thought, idea, or message to the viewer and communicating it through the eye of the photographer.

Conceptual photography is described as a genre where the photographer attempts to capture an idea or concept in a photo. You have a message or a story which you are trying to convey through an image and, more often than not, this takes preparation for the shot to be a success. It challenges your creativity and imagination, highlighting artistic expression rather than simply technical expertise, photographs are characterized by open-ended and evocative narrative compositions that are reminiscent of film stills.




















In The Artists Own Words

“This virtual life would have the same effect as drugs, ‘This is a place where you float in a surreal environment, where one suspends judgment, where it abdicates his personality’.”

Benjamin Barber Jihad vs. McWorld , 1995. In a society now, where the profusion ousts understanding, where the literal images conveyed to the speed of light replaces the abstraction of language, the splitting of the ego is darkening.

More relevant than ever, social networks pervade our daily lives and encourage us, not without backlash, more than virtually live in the real world. A look ahead. Our individuality is exhibited on a stall in a clean and any single consumer.

Personality as unproduit supermarket. “Where am I” is the catharsis of my anxieties, the result of continuous introspection and pain accompany it.

This is for long periods of solitude that I am fascinated to our incredible ambiguity of human beings: the capacity we have and to be forthcoming. It is in this darkness that I cling to the light and power, only things still visible, that capture my eye and I belong to our humanity declining.

This series of images does not claim to find a cure for this alienation but explores the “no man’s land” of our world. This is the materialization of imaged my inner conflicts.

I nevertheless leaves the viewer quite dark so he can, too, built his fire.

[box type="info" size="large" title="Maxence Dedry" right_title="Where Am I ? " right_description="| Maxence Dedry" url=" " style="arrow blue" ]For More Information on the Artist and his Work please visit the Link provided below.[/box]

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