25 Funny Expectation Vs. Reality Pictures to Tickle Your Funny Bone

amitrko Apr 11, 2012 0

In the game termed life, we all want alot of things which we imagine and some of us believe and expect life will grant us. However ….

REALITY is a cold slap in the face for most, as they awaken to discover that regardless of our high expectations and illusory dreams , Life dictates what we all exact in the end. As the old adage goes : You Cant ALways Get What You Want … but if you try sometimes, you might find .. you get what you NEED !

And now , for a slight dose of REALITY enjoy the collection below and rethink your expectations if you wanna be happy ;)

1. After Nap

After Nap

2. After Sex

After Sex

3. Breakfast


4. Exercise


5. German Shepherd

German Shepherd

6. Hot Tub Reality

Hot tub Reality

7. Hotel Key

Hotel Key

8. Id Picture

Id Picture

9. Love


10. Sleeping


11. Occupancy Tax

Occupancy Tax

12. While Drunk

While Drunk

13. Buy a Suit

Buy a Suit

14. Black Friday

Black Friday

15. Fantasy Reality

Fantasy Reality

16. Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

17. How we look like

How we look like

18. Magneto


19. Moon


20. My Voice

My Voice

21. Singing Inside the Bathroom

Singing Inside the Bathroom

22. Sleep in Public

Sleep in Public

23. Tanning


24. Teenage party

Teenage party

25. Watching Horror Movie

Watching Horror Movie

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