Who’s Before Me in Line at McDonalds

amitrko Mar 14, 2012 0

Pie Charts and graphs are effective way of displaying information. They easily depict the every single aspect of information pertaining to a particular topic or subject matter.Today we are depicting the overall statics and funny things regarding food or things that happen while having food. Most of these pie charts are not only funny but accurate as well.

Next time when you stand in McDonalds queue dont forget to remember and reconsider your decision :)

1. Line At McDonalds

Line at McDonalds

2. Greatest Challenge

Greatest Challenge

3. There is No Food

There is no Food

4. Very Hot

Very Hot

5. Cereal Commercials

Cereal Commercials

6. Cup Ramen

Cup Ramen

7. Dinner Time

Dinner Time

8. Food Network

Food Network

9. Time Spend in the Fridge

TIme Spend in the Fridge

10. Bugle Chips

Bugles Chips

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