“Wash Me”, Sensational Dirty Car Art by Scott Wade

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Have you remember that time you thought you’d be clever and write “wash me” or draw some phallic sketch onto that dirt caked mini-van? Well, meet Scott Wade – a talented artist, who like every creative and curious person can’t resist a dirty rear car window. The man’s a regular grime and grit Picasso, crafting masterpieces on the windshields of cars across America.

Below are the 25 Beautiful Dirty Car Art Examples that will definitely surprise you. Enjoy :)

1. Audrey Landers

Audrey Landers

2. Bov


3. Freda


4. Friend in Need Bulldog

Friend in Need  Bulldog

5. Friend in Need Rain

Friend in Need Rain

6. From the Inside

From the Inside

7. Geisha


8. Denise Crosby

Denise Crosby

9. Hank


10. Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

11. Him and Her

Him and Her

12. Horror Poking wolkfie in the Eye

Horror Poking wolkfie in the Eye

13. John Kelso

John kelso

14. Lets Get Kinky in Austin

Lets Get Kinky in Austin

15. Mariachis


16. Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa

17. Patrick, Larry and Linda

Patrick, Larry and Linda

18. Richard & Judy

Richard & Judy

19. Ronaldhino


20. Texas Critters

Texas Critters

21. Texas Women

Texas Women

22. The Nag

The Nag

23. Toobin


24. Uncle Albert With Paw Print

Uncle Albert  With Paw Print

25. Vincent and Peter

Vincent and Peter

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